Latin Eyes

LatinEyes is an English-language national TV show covering the best of Latino life and culture.

A 2006 Emmy Award-winner, and a 2009 Emmy nominee (as well as being nominated for Best Informational, Best Cultural, and Best Entertainment three other years), this is the English-language show that offers viewers stories on a rich, diverse and fascinating culture, both in the U.S. and abroad.

LatinEyes is also a four-time Imagen Award, the Latino entertainment community's highest honor.

Reporter Tasha Trujillo with guest Alain Crosset

Covering the most interesting stories on travel, music, film, food, books, people and more, with a cult following since 1999, LatinEyes is the most original TV show in the U.S. about authentic Latino life.

LatinEyes was started in 1999 by Creator and Executive Producer Andres Pruna. As a producer and documentary filmmaker, Pruna wanted to work on a TV show that showcased the reality of what Latino culture is really about.

Andres Pruna on location in Peru.

With a childhood strongly influenced by the Amazon jungle and Patagonia - Pruna scouts a new location.where he filmed with his father, a National Geographic documentary filmmaker - and a life lived variously in Venezuela, Argentina, and the East and West of the U.S., Pruna has a strong background in world culture, adventure travel, ostriches ("they bit the crap out of me") and wildlife. Today, Pruna is a respected TV professional and an independent, creative talent with a truly original perspective.

Through his work on LatinEyes as the creator of a unique TV show, fulfilling a desire to cover Latino people and culture from a more sophisticated, intelligent angle, Pruna is an Emmy Award-winning producer and has assembled a team of top-notch talent to express his vision of pan-Latino culture.

Reporter Cassandra Diaz with Cesar MillanWith its mix of eclectic topics and funny, effervescent focus, LatinEyes quickly grew from a Public Access program to a Bay Area favorite, moving on from there to national and international viewership and establishing a web presence along the way.

A talented team of reporters, cameramen, producers and editors - including Senior Editor Alan Kelly and reporters Veronica Castro, Tasha Trujillo, Vanessa Ennes, Marissa Mike and Cassandra Diaz - keep viewers coming back every week by offering great stories on music, movies, travel, food, art, culture and a lot more.

In Tequila, Mexico, helping with filming for the "All About Tequila" special.

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To contact LatinEyes, go to the "Contact" section, also on the main page of this website. And always, thank you for watching.

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